Businesses are shifting their marketing focus from 100% advertisement to heavily content focused, and it’s working. Content enables businesses to draw customers in by educating them on the product/service, through creative story telling, and creating a real connection –which is highly effective!

Content Marketing, coupled with additional lead generation methods, is proving to be an effective overall strategy for businesses today as it helps in drawing new leads and converting into paying customer.

So what exactly is content marketing?


Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating and distributing content to attract, inform, and engage potential customers. Content Marketing has been around for decades but the Internet has made it easier for companies to reach an audience. Content can be used in many different ways – from blogging to social media posts – to create awareness about your company or product while building trust with your audience. Content Marketing is a great way to engage with your target audience and build relationships. Content marketing usually refers to creating content on behalf of a business, but it can also include sharing user-generated content (UGC), such as reviews or customer stories. Content has become an integral part in the success of any company’s digital strategy due to its ability to attract and engage a target audience.

How Do we Do it?

Step 1: Research/Discovery

Allocated Media will start by understanding your company goals, your target audience, and gaps in your current content strategy. We will then craft a winning content strategy to maximize traffic and engagement.

Step 2: Create Content Calendar

We will work with you to build a content publishing calendar that will keep you in front of your current and potential customers with relevant topics and keyword focus.

Step 3: Create High Quality Content

We create high quality content with a monthly plan of attack for you to review before publishing. We can also work with your team to incorporate in house generated content.

Step 4: Publish Content

We Publish the content to your website and designated social media outlets. Then we share the results with monthly reports showing the results of the efforts.

Bonus Step: Retarget!

We continue to retarget these customers to keep them engaged and coming back!

Think Were a Good Fit?

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