Our Data Driven, ROI Focused, marketing strategies help grow your brand one beer at a time.

Our award winning campaigns have been featured in the media often, and lead to REAL results.

We’re talking money in your register results.

Your One-Stop Shop For Data Driven Marketing

In today’s highly competitive world, you need a marketing partner who truly understands your business and what it takes to succeed – Thats’ Us! Allocated Media is a full-service digital marketing agency focusing in the craft beverage niche. We love data-driven marketing, and crafting newsworthy campaigns that resonate with consumers. We are experts in Branding, Social Media Content, Social Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Local SEO, ROI Focused Loyalty programs, and Distribution Consulting for Beverage brands. 

Allocated Media is led by Barry Elwonger, a craft brewing industry veteran who ran all facets of Distribution, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Finance, and even Excise taxes for a 30 BBL regional Brewery for almost a decade. Under his leadership, the Brand grew from 0 BBL to over 6000 BBL’s per year. He is a Certified Cicerone, Great American Beer Fest Judge, BJCP Judge, Level 1 Sommelier, and Certified Bourbon Steward. From the digital marketing side, he is Google Ads and Advanced Google Analytics Certified. His marketing campaigns have been featured on Ellen, CNN, USA Today, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Tampa Morning Blend, Great Day Tampa, the Suncoast View, and hundreds of other news outlets. Barry is joined by a team of marketing experts specializing in graphic design, social media management, and media buying to round out the kick-ass squad that will help YOUR Brand grow. 

Our company’s goal is to help you get the most out of your marketing budget by providing insights and analytics on which digital channels work best for your business, with proven ROI-backed campaigns.

The Proof is in the profits. Let’s grab a beer.

We have the tools to help you stand out amongst your peers.

Local SEO

We all know Google is king when it comes to customers looking for, well pretty much everything. Ever wonder why your competitors are showing up before you in google map pack? Reach out and let us solve this mystery, and help change the game for your business.

Search Engine Marketing
(Google Ads)

Need to get in front of your target audience fast? We are a certified Google Partner with a track record of results. Let us help by developing action worthy ads that lead to results NOW!

Loyalty Programs

Believe it or not a well executed, omni channel, loyalty and
re-engagement program can be a HUGE profit center for your business.

Distribution Consulting

ABPs, FOBs, PTRs, QDs, TPR's, Margins Hurdles, Sales Sheets.
Is your head spinning with getting your distributor on the same page? Hit us up and leverage our years of beverage distribution experience.

Content Strategy

Content is the life blood of your business! Let us help you drive Organic traffic, engagement & conversions from your social platforms and website.

Business Plan Development/Review

Opening your own brewery or restaurant and need help with your business plan/kick off stages? We're happy to help! We have years of experience with all facets of starting in this sector, from raising funding, business plan writing, and even some guidance on licensing, permitting, etc!

Sectors we Thrive in

While our methods will work for pretty much any industry, we focus on what we know and love best, Breweries/Distilleries and Restaurants.

Breweries & Distilleries



There is no sense in doing something just to do it. Sorry Nike. We do everything with pride and integrity. Our team is fueled by an honest day of work. Look, we get to help breweries, distilleries, and restaurants grow their brands. Were honored by that opportunity. Our hands are burned, we say HEARD, we know beer, we know kitchens, we know operations, we also know that our culture doesn't deal with BS, so we don't either.


We are real hospitality people doing real hospitality things and our goal is to tell YOUR story, how you want it, while making it make sense to the public.

I don't know how else to say it but it drove me nuts when someone came into our brewhouse and told us how to talk about OUR brand. It was our blood, sweat, and tears going into the brand. Our Goal is to work WITH you to grow exposure without losing the point.


Our Moto is Proof in Profits. ​ You're hiring us to do a bang up job and drive results to your bottom line. That's why we love taking a data driven approach, you get to see the results with quantifiable stats. Likes and shares are great, but they don't pay your bills. That's exactly why we take it so much further with REAL data that shows REAL Return on investment.

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Ready to turn your marketing initiatives up to 11? Let's grab a Beer to discuss further.

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