Dark Door Spirits

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For the Dark Door Spirits project, our team employed a diverse range of cameras, including the Red Komodo, Canon EOS R, Sony A7III, and iPhone 14 Pro, to create dynamic and visually appealing social media video ads that showcased their Whiskey Blending Experience events. These captivating ads were designed to engage audiences and highlight the unique experiences offered by Dark Door Spirits.

We then leveraged our expertise in digital advertising to manage and optimize their Facebook ad campaigns, using the video content as the primary ad assets. By carefully targeting the right audience and continuously monitoring the campaign’s performance, we ensured that the ads reached potential customers interested in the Whiskey Blending Experience.

As a result of our creative video production and effective ad campaign management, Dark Door Spirits experienced increased visibility, engagement, and event attendance, ultimately contributing to the success and growth of their Whiskey Blending Experience events.

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