7venth Sun Brewing

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For the 7venth Sun Brewing project, our team faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligned with the brewery’s brand voice and goals while also implementing marketing automation systems. An additional challenge involved working closely with their in-house social media and marketing coordinator to elevate their skill sets and seamlessly incorporate the new marketing tech stack into their workflow.

By working collaboratively with the 7venth Sun Brewing team, we successfully developed a marketing strategy that not only reflected the brand’s unique voice and goals but also optimized their outreach efforts. The implementation of marketing automation systems allowed for streamlined communication and more effective targeting of their audience, ultimately driving better results. Furthermore, our guidance and support helped enhance the capabilities of their in-house social media and marketing coordinator, ensuring a smooth integration of the new marketing tech stack into their existing workflow.

As a result of our efforts, 7venth Sun Brewing experienced increased brand visibility, improved audience engagement, and enhanced marketing efficiency, positioning them for continued growth and success.


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