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For the ELEASE project, our team faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to a finance company with a specialization in brewery equipment financing and working capital loans, as well as financing for other industries such as trailers, restaurant equipment, and more. Our primary objectives were to effectively manage Google ads, create engaging social media posts, and design impactful email campaigns that highlighted the value of ELEASE’s offerings. We also effectively rebranded the Keg Connect arm of their business with a fresh logo and branding scheme that won the Platinum Craft Beer Marketing Award for Rebranding.

By understanding ELEASE’s unique position in the market and their target audience, we were able to develop a marketing strategy that effectively communicated their expertise and the benefits of their financial services. Our Google ad campaigns were designed to reach potential clients searching for financing solutions in the brewery and related industries, resulting in increased visibility and engagement.

In addition to managing ad campaigns, we crafted compelling social media content that showcased ELEASE’s financing options and demonstrated their commitment to supporting businesses in various industries. Our email campaigns were informative, engaging, and tailored to the specific needs of the target audience, further strengthening ELEASE’s relationship with existing clients and attracting new prospects.


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