Tampa Bay Beer Week

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For the Tampa Bay Beer Week (TBBW) client projects, our team faced the challenge of capturing the unique spirit and diversity of the annual series of events, which aims to highlight beer culture in the Tampa Bay area. As both the videographer and photographer, our responsibilities included documenting the Half Way There Beer Festival, and photographing + creating a montage-style video piece showcasing over 20 events held during TBBW. These events were diverse and featured tap takeovers, beer releases, beer festivals, and educational events. In addition to our content creation role, we also performed public relations duties for the organization.

Our team successfully captured the energy and excitement of the Half Way There Beer Festival, producing engaging video content and vibrant photos that showcased the essence of the event. After TBBW, we created a captivating montage-style piece that highlighted the variety and depth of TBBW events, effectively illustrating the organization’s commitment to promoting beer culture in the Tampa Bay area.

In addition to our content creation efforts, our public relations work led to several media pickups and TV appearances, raising awareness and attracting a wider audience for TBBW. By providing high-quality visual content and effective public relations support, we contributed to the ongoing success and growth of Tampa Bay Beer Week, further establishing it as a premier beer week in the country and a staple in the craft beer industry.


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