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Distribution Consulting Services for Breweries, Distilleries, and Beverage Brands

Wondering how to get your product on to a tap-handle or retail shelf space? Want to know how much product should be sent to a certain area? Unsure whether a distributor is taking advantage of you? 

There are many questions that go into where and how your beer is being distributed. That’s why we’re here!

Nowadays, it can be challenging for growing breweries to distribute their products effectively and reach a wider audience. Fear not, Allocated Media has years of experience in the craft beverage distribution space and is here to help! We help small to midsized breweries & distilleries get their distribution off the ground and poised for growth mode.

Distribution is a tough business. There are a lot of rules you must follow and a lot at stake; from the fine print in your contract, to the distribution, logistics, sales, and marketing strategies. At Allocated Media we want to make certain that you, or whomever you sign with, gets your beer where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, and that it is properly represented in the market. It’s all about making sure that the retailers (bars, restaurants, package stores) get your beer in front of consumers in the freshest way possible with proper representation.

If you are looking to expand your market share, or if your product is already in the marketplace, we can help make sure your products are being distributed correctly.

Let us help navigate your path to success. As a sneak peak some of the topics we will be going over are as follows;

  • Identification of potential distribution channels/partners
  • Assistance with Distribution Contract negotiation
  • Strategy & Creation for distribution Sales Tools, Marketing Collateral, and POS.
  • New Market Launch SOPs
  • Development of Key Account Strategy
  • Sales/Representation Team Management and Training
  • Logistics planning & Production Forecasting 

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