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When Cueni Brewing approached us with the challenge of designing their inaugural beer cans, we were tasked with encapsulating the vibrant spirit of Tampa Bay and Dunedin, Florida. We knew we had a unique opportunity to create something truly special.

Our collaboration gave birth to six remarkable designs, MoCitra, Skyway to Helles, Cuetoberfest, There Gose My Pickle, Curious Gourd, and a generic label for Taproom One-Offs.

Every can of Cueni Brewing now tells a story, not just of the beer inside, but of the vibrant communities, landscapes, and essence of Tampa Bay and Dunedin. We also peppered in some delightful easter eggs that die-hard Cueni fans will adore – from a nod to their Dorthy fermenter to the playful monkeys, which stand as a testament to the brewery’s core logo and branding centerpiece.

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